We offer a well-rounded, faith-based education in a caring, inclusive and nurturing community to meet each student’s unique needs. In addition to core curriculum programming mandated by Alberta Education, we are pleased to offer our students a variety of supplementary courses, options and services in collaboration with our many community partners. The values of Catholic faith permeate all programming options within Calgary Catholic schools.


Our Lady of the Assumption School is the hidden gem of the northwest. We serve a smaller population and have maintained a community and family feel within our growing and hectic city. Faith, hospitality and responsibility for each other permeate the culture in our building.


We were evergreened in the 2018-19 School year with new iPads and new Chromebooks

• Wireless and high speed Internet access
• Smart boards in every classroom
• LCD projectors
• 6 Portable sets of Chromebooks and iPads

These tools offer endless opportunities for students to become engaged in their own learning, and for staff to teach and promote global awareness and responsible digital citizenship throughout the curriculum.

Our students in grade 4-9 participate in Career and Technology Foundations (CTF). This program allows students to explore their interests and passions as they are exposed to various career possibilities and occupational areas. CTF provides students with the opportunity to build their understanding of the world around them as they identify and apply career and life skills.

The Alberta Education CTF outcomes are competency-based.This means students will better develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking, time management and problem solving skills through hands-on learning experiences. CTF supports the development of literacy and numeracy skills developed through student-focused learning opportunities that can include an interdisciplinary or stand-alone approach.

Our Lady of the Assumption School offers a wide range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for all of its students. There are athletic opportunities, both at the intramural and interscholastic competitive level.

As well as a full range of enhanced academic and artistic opportunities (Band, choir and drama). We also offer a Grade 6 band program that begins after Christmas. As a Catholic Community of Caring, seasonal and team building activities occur throughout the year, often promoting and supporting social justice.

In our community, education is seen as a partnership between home, school and parish. We have an active and visible relationship with Our Lady of the Assumption/St. Bernard’s parish, and welcome parent involvement through volunteering opportunities and family events.

That will create:
• Ethical Citizens
• The Engaged Thinker
• Entrepreneurial Spirit

Students will be able to know how to:

  • Think Critically
  • Identify and Solve
  • Manage Information
  • Innovate
  • Create opportunities
  • Apply multiple literacies
  • Demonstrate good communication skills
  • Demonstrate global and cultural understanding
  • Identify and Apply career and life skills